TAKE NOTICE that the Clan MacGillivray Family Convention will be held within the Robertson Room, Culloden Battlefield by Inverness, Scotland on Friday 15th April 2016 commencing at 4 pm for the purpose of nominating a Clan Commander.   That nomination will then require to be approved by the Lord Lyon King of Arms of Scotland.  Those wishing to be considered for the position or those wishing to attend should immediately contact Elizabeth N McGillivray, Secretary of the Clan MacGillivray International Association, Bowmans, Solicitors, 27 Bank Street  Dundee DD1 1RP or email her so that she can provide further information


Those who are interested in applying for the position should email Elizabeth with confirmation they wish to be considered and provide information as to their interest in and suitability for the position.   She will then give any further guidance she feels may be of assistance.   The applicant will then require to put a presentation to the meeting explaining why they wish to be nominated and what they see as their particular relevant talents which they can bring to the post.

Those who wish to attend should email her with their names and addresses – this is a requirement of the process and information she, in turn, requires to submit to the Lord Lyon.   Anyone of the name or descended from anyone of the name can attend.   If you are not of the name a brief note about your relevant ancestor would be helpful

So far as voting is concerned, only those who are of the name (in whichever spelling) and approved by the Reporting Officer as entitled to vote can vote.   It is not a question of automatically being able to vote.   The Reporting Officer is the Herald appointed by the Lord Lyon to chair the meeting and ensure that the procedure is properly followed and then to report to him as to who those voting at the meeting have put forward.

Family Convention 15 April 2015


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