‚ÄčCalling All MacGillivray Clansmen and Women

Once again we are reaching out to you regarding the Clan Gathering being held July 12 &13, 2019 at the Hope Hotel and Holbrooke Conference Center in Dayton Ohio.

Clan Commander Iain is hoping to attend and we are looking forward to seeing him again and finding out what is happening with the Clan world-wide. Also, he will undoubtedly have some information on the 2020 International Gathering in Scotland. Are you planning on attending? Previous International Gatherings have been wonderful events!

We have had a few inquiries regarding the cost should you only be able to attend the Saturday Evening Banquet. If that is the case, there would be a charge of $90.00. This includes your dinner and the evenings entertainment. Please fill out the registration form and make note of this.

So you don't have to search your old e-mails we have attached the information sheets, registration form, etc. Click here. 2019 CM Mailing attach 2019.pdf

Looking forward to seeing a great group of MacGillivrays in Dayton! We always have a wonderful time and always learn something new about the Clan and our members.

Please note the time restraints for making your hotel reservations and registering for the Gathering.

For more information, contact James E. MacGillivray