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Duncan hails from Naples, Florida (U.S.A) and is hugely experienced in business at a very senior level with very impressive business and educational experience and qualifications.

Although he has not been involved in any of the Clan organisations, Duncan sees that as a positive in that he can bring a totally fresh perspective.

Duncan says he would bring great energy, spirit and enthusiasm to the role and wants to take the Clan forward on a world wide basis. Whilst recognising the huge contributions MacGillivrays and Scots historically made often in difficult circumstances he sees that they have a significant role to play in the modern world.

His vast experience would facilitate that reaching out to the world in general and the Clan in particular.


Ron hails from Spencer, Massachusetts and is a member of the Clan MacGillivray Society USA. He serves as Chief Convenor for the New England area. His great great grandfather emigrated from Scotland to Canada in 1840 and his grandfather moved to Boston in 1904 and that is where Ron was born 67 years ago.

It was his grandparents who never let him forget his deep Scottish roots and instilled a love of the culture and tradition of the Scots.

His interest in Clan matters developed in his more mature years and he discovered that social media was a great source of information which whetted his appetite even more resulting in him playing a considerable role in Clan matters, contributing to the Society newsletter, attending various events including Highland Games, Burns Nights and so on.

Ron sees the Clan as a world-wide family and wants to pick up the MacGillivray banner with pride and to fly it wherever needed;  to rally the Clan, carrying on the authority given by the then Lord Lyon to Colonel George Macgillivray, and disseminating the history, tradition and values of not only the MacGillivray Clan but all Scottish culture.  He also has some unique visions for a more prosperous, public-spirted and brilliant future for the Clan.

 He is conscious that there may be a Chief out there and supports that search. Reflecting the good work of Colonel George he would appoint Commissioners in the various areas of the world.   He recognises that not being in Scotland may be seen as a drawback but feels modern communication methods go a long way towards dealing with that.


Iain was born into a well-known MacGillivray family and is the son of Duncan and Jane Marie MacGillivray, Duncan being the Clan Piper. He lives and works on the family farm north of Inverness, Scotland.
His interest in the Clan dates back to his earliest days and he is steeped in it. Like the rest of the family he is a keen and talented musician, playing the bagpipes, fiddle, whistle and bodhran as well as the spoons and the snare drum for pipe bands.
He is Gaelic speaking and has benefitted from an extensive education not only in Scotland but also in the United States of America. He is widely travelled and always takes the opportunity to meet up with MacGillivrays and Scots wherever he is.
He is well experienced in media matters having undergone a two years training course and produced the video shown at the 2015 Gathering of the Clan in Inverness thoroughly enjoyed he had put together as well as the music he and others provided on several occasions. It was an opportunity for him to display his knowledge of the Clan and the various local sites associated with it.
Iain is very proud of his Clan MacGillivray roots and keen to be in the honourable position of Clan Commander of the MacGillivrays and to do the Clan proud. He acknowledges he still have much to learn but has boundless enthusiasm and motivation with a strong and deep passion for his clan roots.

He has a very optimistic vision of preserving and strengthening MacGillivray ties in Scotland as well as around the rest of the world with a vision to spark a growth of interest to encourage more people with MacGillivray blood to actively participate in their traditions and to be truly proud of their Clan; to connect with more MacGillivrays and to emphasize and expand the unique and festive spirit of a Clan Gathering.


Frank hails from Spring, Texas.   His lineage has been traced back to the niece of Capt. Farquhar, a chief of the Clan and the great grandson of Alexander, the Chief of the Clan MacGillivray at the Battle of Culloden.   Although not steeped in the history of the Clan from birth in the way others may have been, he was brought up with a clear understanding of the importance of family ties.   He became aware of his Scottish heritage about twenty years ago and it has developed from there.

He attended last year’s Gathering in Inverness and that sparked off a greater and deeper interest in Clan matters and in the culture and tradition of the Scots. That interest is now being passed on to his children and grandchildren.   Such was that interest that he and his wife plan to spend more time in Scotland and possibly move to Scotland.

His work background is in computers.  

He is keen to learn Gaelic and to play the bag pipes. He pledges to support the Clan irrespective of the outcome of his application

As Clan MacGillivray is currently without a Clan Chief, there is a process to select a Clan Commander. This does not preclude findng a Clan Chief, but in the absence of a Clan Chief, a Commander can fulfill a vital Role.

There is no “job description” for a Clan Commander. Traditionally, a hereditary Chief would appoint a Commander to lead the Clan in times of war where the Chief was unable to do so because of health, age etc. Nowadays, a Clan Commander is someone who provides leadership for a Clan where there is not a hereditary Chief.

The procedure for appointing a Commander to a Clan is for a Petition to be submitted to the Lord Lyon King of Arms requesting that he authorise the convening of a Family Convention at which will be considered the nominees for the position. In authorising that, he will appoint a Reporting Officer to oversee the process and to report formally to the Lord Lyon on the person who the Convention consider should take up the position.

It is preferable that someone seeking nomination as a Commander should live fairly locally to the Clan lands so that he or she can be on hand if there are members of the Clan visiting the area and need information, guidance etc on what is of interest locally regarding that Clan. The Commander should be well versed in the history of the Clan, knowledgeable of the places and buildings associated with it and have the time, energy, knowledge and enthusiasm to attend Highland Games etc to promote the Clan at these and other public events, to be an ambassador for the Clan, to help secure its future.

A Commander would be expected to work closely with the Clan Associations wherever they be based, to be closely involved in the organisation of Clan Gatherings and generally to do whatever is in the interests of the Clan in leading it, in guiding it and in raising its profile in a positive way. A Commander should be articulate, amiable, amicable, approachable but also capable of providing strong leadership and guidance to the Clan members as and when required.

A Clan MacGillivray Family Convention will be held on the 15th of April at 4pm at the Culloden Battlefield near Inverness, Scotland. The purpose of this convention is to nominate a Clan Commander. Elizabeth McGillivray, Secretary of the Clan MacGillivray International Association, calls for anyone wishing to be considered for the position, or anyone wishing to attend the convention to contact her as soon as possible at

Below are several people who have volunteered to be considered for Clan Commander.