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Clan MacGillivray leadership and directors

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Updated 20 August 2018

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President – Rodney McGillivray
Vice-President – James E. MacGillivray, Bedford, OH
Secretary – Roger Johnston, Midland, TX 
Treasurer – Janice McGillivray, Everson, WA


Central - Dan Hyde

East - Ron McGillivray, Masschussetts

West - Jack MacGillivray, New Mexico

Webmaster & Newsletter Editor
John Loughney, Palo Alto, CA

Journal Editor
Tom Cox, McCannon, ID​

Board Members

Former US Commissioner -  Bruce P McGillivray, Portland, OR
Founding President - James J McGilvray, Fairfax, VA
Founding Vice President - Mary MacGillivray Cox, McCammon, ID
US Central Commissioner - Daniel McGilvry Hyde, Cedar Hill, MO
US East Commissioner - Ron McGilvray, Spencer, MA
US West Commissioner - Jack MacGillivray, New Mexico
At large - Celena Hyde, Cedar Hill, MO
At large - Joseph McGilvra, St. Helens, OR
At large - Darry (Dee) Carbonell, Goodyear, AZ
At large - Shirley Ann McGillivray, Crestwood, IL

Atlantic Central - Owen McGillivray
Central & Illinois - Daniel G. Hyde​

Indiana - Pam & Jon Adams with Scott & Linda MacGilvrey
Great Lakes East - Julie A. McGillivray 
New England - Ronald McGilvray, Geoff MacGillivray
Rocky Mountain - Jordan J. McGilvray
Pacific Northern - E.L. “Trey” McGillvrey III
Pacific Southern - John Loughney
Southwest - Darry “Dee” Carbonell

Alaska - VACANT
Atlantic Northern - VACANT

Great Lakes West - VACANT
Great Plains - VACANT
Hawaii - VACANT
Southeast - VACANT
West Central - VACANT